From cost to opportunity

From cost to opportunity

Enel X helps your company converting your business processes from sources of costs to real opportunities

Enel X helps your company converting your business processes from sources of costs to real opportunities.

Our flexibility programs grant an annual compensation to the participants in exchange to their availability to respond to grid emergencies and an additional payment in case of effective action.

Demand Response

Demand Response

Enel X offers an innovative service called Demand Response that allows commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market (MSD) by modulating their own energy consumption, with the aim of meeting electricity supply/demand peaks, thereby allowing for greater flexibility and network stability

Exploitation of energy generation surplus

Exploitation of energy generation surplus

Enel X offers an integral service for the industrial customers that own power plants of any size and technology. Based on an end-to-end management approach of all the services related to the sale of electricity on the energy markets, guaranteeing the optimisation of plant revenues for the customer without it having to become a market operator

Other problems we solve

Strategic decisions for competitive benefits


To manage compliance risks, client companies are required to implement a series of organisational processes and structures that serve to prevent violation of the standards, rules or regulations

Monitoring and optimisation costs

Energy costs depend on how and when your company uses energy, and how much it consumes


We use an approach based on digitalisation and constant innovation with the central objective of sustainability, a vital element in a genuinely forward-looking approach

Access to forms of incentives

Initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency, in difference to those to install renewable energy production plants, require an initial financial commitment from the client

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