Umbria Regional Authority call for applications

Umbria Regional Authority call for applications

This call for proposals is no longer active

Useful information

The concession amounts to a grant (with a choice between “de minimis” or exempt rule) equal to 30% of the eligible costs for large enterprises, 40% for medium-sized enterprises and 50% for small enterprises.

Only costs incurred by the enterprise after the request’s submission date are eligible.

Eligible expenses must be equal to or greater than € 50,000; any projects for which the requested grant exceeds € 500,000 shall not be considered.

The expenses may relate to:

  • Planning and design (up to a maximum of € 10,000);
  • Inventoried materials (costs related to the purchase of machinery, systems, equipment, solutions, components, etc.);
  • Works (costs related to construction work that is strictly connected to the project).

A “first-in, first-financed” procedure has been implemented for the receipt of requests through which only the most valid requests, from an energy saving standpoint, will be accepted.

The concessions shall be issued in order, on the basis of the assigned position of merit.

The deadline for applications is 26/05/2020.

The concession request can be submitted between 10 am on 18 December 2019 and 12 pm on 27 February 2020.

The activities for which the concession is granted must be completed within 6 months from the date on which the communication of the issuance of the concession is received. The final expenses statement must be provided within the following 30 days.

Small, medium-sized and large enterprises (agricultural enterprises excluded) are eligible for the concession.

Eligible project activities

Activities to reduce thermal energy consumption: generation of thermal energy (replacing burners and/or boilers), vapour cycle and/or superheated water, heat recovery, heat containment.

Activities to reduce electrical consumption: lighting (replacing traditional lights with LEDs), demand management (replacing motors, pumps or compressors, replacing electric motors, etc.), climate control and refrigeration (replacing electric heat pumps, installing cooling systems, etc.).

Activities to improve the building envelope: insulation of the envelope through external cladding, replacing doors and windows.

Activities to improve the production cycle: replacing machinery or components with machinery or components that are proven to reduce electrical or thermal consumption.

Activities to self-generate electricity/thermal energy from renewable sources: installing solar thermal systems, photovoltaic panels, small wind turbines.

Enel X and its team of experts can carry out the energy efficiency improvement activities and assist you in managing the incentive request procedure by preparing the necessary documentation.

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