Region of Veneto Grant Aid Application Notice

Region of Veneto Grant Aid Application Notice

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a) replacement of machinery or components with machinery that will produce a proven reduction in electricity/heat consumption compared to the situation prior to the upgrade;

b) replacement of production cycles with cycles that involve a proven reduction in electricity/heat consumption compared to the situation prior to the upgrade;

c) installation of systems and components (such as, for example, the replacement of electric motors, installation of inverters, power factor correction, replacement of back-up generators, control systems) that are capable of reducing energy consumption;

d) installation of devices to reuse energy/heat that is either recovered or created during production cycles;

e) “software” upgrades (such as, for example, installing sensor equipment, energy consumption monitoring and management systems, and similar) can be carried out only if so-called “hardware” upgrades are also carried out as a result (such as, for example, reconfiguring/replacement of machinery, insertion of new filters/motors, etc.);

f) direct energy efficiency upgrades for buildings housing operational units (e.g. fixtures and fittings, insulation, eco-building materials, insulation compatible with production processes);  

g) replacement of lighting systems (both interior and exterior) with LED technologies;

h) installation of cogeneration systems and renewable energy production systems for self-consumption.

Said interventions will only be eligible for grant aid in the context of an energy efficiency improvement project. This must include one or more of the upgrades listed in points above and should lead to a saving (expressed in kWh) equal to or in excess of 9% of the annual energy requirement prior to the work.

a) costs relating to the purchase of machinery, plant, equipment, systems, components and the relative installation and connection expenses;

b) costs relating to building and plant work, including for energy production from renewable sources, and which relates solely to the investment programme and is dimensioned accordingly;

c) technical expenditure for energy audit (before and after the work);  

d) costs of certification and of premiums paid for guarantees provided by a bank or an insurance company relating solely to a surety for a request for advance payment.

Non-refundable aid to be chosen from aid under the EU industrial De Minimis Regulation and aid compatible with the internal market as per Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014, article 18. The aid in question is the equivalent of 30% of the expenses deemed admissible, up to a maximum limit of €150,000 for a single expenditure declared and deemed eligible for a contribution equal to or in excess of €500,000, and within the legal limit of €24,000 corresponding to a declared and aid-eligible expenditure equal to €80,000.

The provision of the aid to the Beneficiary may be in the form of an advance (40% on presentation of a suitable promissory note), prepayment (from a minimum of 40% to a maximum of 80% on provision of necessary documentation) and balance, or direct payment.

Enel X and its team of experts will support you in managing the incentive application process, by preparing the necessary documentation and implementing energy efficiency improvement upgrades.

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