Lazio regional authority call for applications

Lazio regional authority call for applications

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Concessions take the form of grants issued on the basis of the “de minimis” regulation to cover 50% of eligible expenses. Alternatively, the grant may be requested in the form of an exempted aid scheme pursuant to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014 (EJN), for an amount equal to 20% of the investments made by small and micro enterprises and 10% for medium-sized enterprises; and for an amount equal to 50% for consultancy services, including surveys and certifications, for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The concession may be requested by companies (SMEs and large enterprises) belonging to the APEA when the concession is definitively granted, or that have signed the Articles of Association and Management Agreement of an APEA that’s formally recognised by the Lazio Regional Authority. The projects may be undertaken by individual companies, including consortia and network contracts, or by multiple companies operating as a single entity via a temporary association, including those to be constituted after the concession of the grant.

The projects must be aimed at improving energy efficiency, including energy-efficient district heating and cooling systems, cogeneration systems (self-consumption) and, in combined form, renewable energy production systems (destined for self-consumption).

All projects must be supported by reports (duly attached to the request) that attest to the project’s environmental credentials and demonstrate the feasibility of the investments to be undertaken by 8 April 2021. They must include eligible expenses amounting to or exceeding € 50,000 and must be completed, duly authorised, paid for and formally reported in the accounts within 12 months of the date the concession is granted; for projects with eligible expenses greater than or equal to € 500,000, this term is 24 months.

Enel X and its team of experts can carry out the energy efficiency improvement activities and assist you in managing the incentive request procedure by preparing the necessary documentation.

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