Pay per Use Premium Tariff: at the end of each charging session, the cost of the service is calculated by multiplying the kWh withdrawn by the unit price established for the service. The unit price is differentiated between charging points:

At the end of each charging session, invoicing occurs.

This tariff plan provides for the booking service option through the payment of an annual fee of 25,00€/year (VAT included) which gives unlimited access to the plug booking service, for one year from the date of subscription. Invoicing occurs at midnight of the day on which the purchase is made. At the end of the period validity (one year) the option will be automatically renewed.

Always check the App for charging points compatible with the booking service. It is possible to book the same socket for a maximum of 3 (three) consecutive times: at the next attempt the booking service will be inhibited for 20 minutes.

Passing from a "Pay per Use" tariff plan to a "Flat" tariff plan will apply after 24 hours following the request.

Passing from a "Pay per Use Premium" tariff plan to a " Pay per Use Basic " tariff plan will apply from the following day on which the transition has been made. Therefore, from the day after your choice, you will no longer be able to make a reservation for your Premium tariff plan.

"Pay per Use Premium" tariff does not include additional costs of penalty time for not releasing the plug at the end of the charging session. Indeed, for Public Charge Stations expressly specified on App, additional costs will be applied for not releasing the plug in 30 (thirty) minutes after the end of the charging session. The amount is shown on the plug’s detail sheet of the Public Charge Station involved and it is equal to 0,09€/minute for AC plugs (Type2 and Type3a) and 0,18€/minute for DC plugs (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo2). Prices are to be considered "Excluding VAT Art.15" and the final amount will be invoiced, when applicable, at the end of the charging session.

By continuing to accept these conditions you are adhering to the "Pay per Use Premium" tariff plan.