Flat Large (Private Profile)

Monthly Rate Plan: Client will be entitled to use the Service for a flat monthly rate of CLP 21,804 (VAT included) up to the monthly top limit of 120 kWh established in the selected plan. In case of exceeding the top limit established prior to monthly renewal of the plan, the rate will automatically shift to “pay per use” mode". The “pay per use” rate assumes that at the end of each recharge session the Service price is calculates multiplying the KWh consumed by the unit price establish for it. The unit price in CLP is equivalent to 210/kWh VAT included for Quick chargers (up to 22kW) and 230/kWh VAT included for Fast chargers (over 23kW). The updated rate appears in the application and in https://www.enelx.com/cl/es website.

Flat Large monthly rate includes illimited access to reservation service and access to any type of connectors, but it does not include additional charges generated for the station’s occupation at the end of the recharge, as explained below. For some public charge stations expressly indicated in the application, a fine is applied for not releasing the charge station after 30 (thirty) minutes since the end of the recharge. The amount for this in-excess occupation is indicated on the detail sheet of the individual reading at the corresponding public charge station, and it is equivalent to CLP 25/minute for AC connectors (Type 2) and CLP 288/minute for DC connectors (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo2). The amounts must be understood as "VAT exempt according to Art. 2 D.L 825 of 1976" and they shall be invoiced, whenever the case, at the end of the recharging session.

This monthly rate plan is activated at subscription, and it is automatically renewed every month, on the same date.

The updated value of the kWh monthly top limit and the monthly rate appear in the specific section of the application and in enelx.com website.

The invoice is issued and sent on the date when the plan is subscribed or renewed.

The invoice includes both the rate for the reference term, that is the plan’s value, as well as the additional collection for the excess over the top limit of 120kWh during the month prior to renewal. The invoice is monthly issued, on the same date every month.

By continuing and accepting these conditions, you adhere to the "Flat Large" monthly rate plan.