10 reasons to participate in demand response programs and to select Enel X as your trusted partner

There are plenty of good reasons why companies should consider taking part in demand response programs and plenty more why they should choose Enel X as their partner. Here are a few

Published on Monday, 6 July 2020


The NOC (Networks Operation Center): Enel X's Demand Response powerhouse

As the leading aggregator in Demand Response programs, our power is generated by more than 6GW of flexible load, across 15 countries and streaming data for over 15,000 enterprise sites. Operations are run by the NOC, our state-of-the-art Network Operation Center, where all energy dispatches are actioned, managed and monitored in realtime. Through the NOC we operate the largest portfolio of flexible energy assets in the world in order to encourage global decarbonization and promote national grid stability.