In Chile the fleet of electric buses is expanding

Another 183 electric buses will soon be operational on the streets of the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile, thanks to a public-private partnership involving Enel X, Metbus, BYD and the Chilean Ministry of Transport

Published on Tuesday, 20 August 2019

This new milestone for electric mobility is part of a wider picture that is particularly special for Enel. This year we signed a commitment to decarbonisation in Chile that entails closing our three coal-fired plants in the country. We have already obtained the authorisation to bring forward the closure of one of these three, and in the meantime we are focusing our work on renewable energy projects and actions to support the energy transition in the country in order to contribute to solving important challenges such as reducing pollution in cities.

Paolo Pallotti

Country Manager & CEO Enel Chile

The arrival of these 100 new buses, through a public-private partnership between companies and the government, is solid proof that electric mobility in public transport is not only practical but also contributes to improving passengers’ experience of the service, cutting pollution in the city and improving people’s quality of life.

Karla Zapata

Head of Enel X Chile