The new energy intelligence storage solutions: the revolution starts at Enel X

The solutions provided by Enel X for intelligent storage management can transform the requirement for greater energy flexibility into an opportunity for growth, revolutionising production methods and energy consumption.

Published on Wednesday, 17 July 2019


The energy landscape is changing. Are you ready? Learn more about how you can reduce costs, improve resilience, and earn incentive payments with energy storage and distributed energy resources.

Flexibility is increasingly at the heart of the ongoing transition to a decarbonised energy system.  Electrochemical storage solutions installed onsite for business and industrial clients provide them with the opportunity to generate revenue from the supply of services to the grid while also reducing their energy costs by optimising their consumption, this is possible thanks to a storage system, controlled by intelligent software, such as the DER.OS, the platform developed by Enel X to maximise the benefits generated by batteries and distributed generation

Daniele Andreoli

Head of Flexibility Solutions, e-Industries