The second level of security in the city

Chilectra, the Enel Group’s Chilean subsidiary, has installed surveillance cameras in numerous cities in the country: this is the second level of urban security, after public lighting

This system of television cameras for surveillance has provided decisive evidence in the investigation of crimes that have caused distress to the general public, such as the aggression at the church of Gratidud Nacional

Carolina Tohá

Mayor of Santiago

The surveillance camera project has many synergies with that of public lighting. Today security cameras represent the second generation of investment in urban security

Andreas Gebhardt

General Manager, Chilectra


In the past Villa Alemana had two security cameras, and then only in the city centre. Today we install them in the outskirts, in locations selected by the Carabinieros, in areas where the general public feels less safe

 José Sabat Marcos

Mayor of Villa Alemana