Making beer with solar energy in Rio de Janeiro

The Beer Innovation Center at the Ambev Brewing Company is powered entirely by renewable energy thanks to a rooftop photovoltaic plant with over 2,000 solar panels, designed and installed by Enel X

Published on Thursday, 28 March 2019

This is another important point in the story we are building with the environment. Together with other initiatives such as the construction of the solar plant at Minas Gerais and the use of electric trucks in our partner fleet, we are investing in alternatives that protect our planet and are helping to build a sustainable future for coming generations.

Rodrigo Figueiredo

Vice-president Sustainability and Supplies, Ambev Brewing Company


We are very proud of this project as it is another source of clean energy. In the coming years, Brazil will have to manage significant growth in the distributed generation market. We want to play a key role in that sector in line with our strategy to boost our presence on the Brazilian market for innovative energy solutions.  Enel X’s worldwide experience means we can offer companies leading-edge services whilst simultaneously promoting distributed renewable generation, such as solar, and bringing real sustainable benefits to our customers and the electricity system as well as providing substantial support to the country’s economic development.

Nestor Benito

Head of Enel X Brazil