Enel X and Smart get ready to change e-mobility

Published on Thursday, 28 June 2018

With Enel X we are literally racing to complete an increasingly comprehensive public charging infrastructure in as short a time as possible. The agreement with Daimler has also enabled us to speed up the implementation of our National Plan in the capital

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X

We have always supported the idea that urban mobility must move towards the use of electricity. The decision only to produce electric versions of the Smart car by 2020 is a courageous strategy, but we are sure it’s the right one and we’re proud to be the first international brand to make the move from internal combustion to electric

Marcel Guerry

Chairman of Mercedes-Benz Italia

Our offer provides a range of e-mobility functions for garage, home or private office installations and ultra-rapid stations installed along the major connecting road arteries or large-scale retail car parks. The stations have a maximum power of 50 kW, but we’re soon going to install stations with power outputs of up to 350 kW. That means it will only take as long to charge an e-car as it does to fill up at the petrol pump

Alessio Torelli

Head of Enel X Italia