Ultra-Fast charging with Enel X and IONITY

Published on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

This important agreement marks our entry into new, forward-looking stage in e-mobility, with the creation of a charging station network that will provide a rapid response to the energy demands of electric cars, generating drastic cuts in charge times. The network will enable e-cars to travel long distances, combining environmental sustainability with the pleasures of a sporty, safe drive. As an IONITY partner, Enel will select the most suitable Italian locations for hosting high-power stations to supply the high end of the e-car market. Our objective is to give a further impulse to the spread of e-mobility in Italy, integrating these high-performance structures with Enel’s national e-mobility plan

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X 

IONITY and Enel X are travelling the same road. We want to make long-distance journeys possible for all e-vehicles throughout Europe. Our partnership with Enel X enables us to build a powerful charging infrastructure and combat so-called ‘range anxiety,’ which at the moment is the main cause for concern for e-vehicle drivers

Marcus Groll

Chief Operating Officer for IONITY