Enel X Financial Services

Making it easy to access financial solutions anywhere and across ecosystems

Payments and value-added services

We offer bill payments and merchant acquiring services, providing secure, highly customised digital services to meet the needs of individuals, companies and commercial networks, from e-payment services to vertical payment solutions for different markets. The acquisition of Paytipper, which was a key step in our strategy, has once again enabled us to use digitalisation to turn opportunities into solutions for our customers.


From payments to issuing and accounts services, we have had a global footprint right from the start, with banking now available in the Italian and Colombian markets.


By partnering with top European players such as Tink and SIA, and accessing our own data-driven technologies, we have developed special payment solutions and can now provide partnerships for businesses wishing to offer integrated, customised and value-added services to multiple targets.


Enel X Pay

We are entering the digital financial services and mobile banking sector. Find out more about the Enel X Pay digital payment system which has been launched by Enel X Financial Services.