What you need to know to connect a 1 MVA project to the power grid

One of the aspects that generate more uncertainty when connecting a load of such magnitude to the network are the requirements demanded by the operator. This is what you should know to go be sure to get approval of your project.

Published on 4 December 2019

What you need to know to connect a 1 MVA project to the power grid

In fact, all users have certain duties and we are obliged to comply with a series of basic requirements to connect to the power grid, but when we talk about energy projects of 1 MVA or more it is mandatory to check with your network operator the project load’s size and design in order to check if the electrical infrastructure of the location is robust enough to provide the service. In this way, the operator can guarantee the continuity of the service.

But what is the review process with your operator? Basically this will require a study in which you must give very specific information about this new load that you are going to connect; the levels it will act on, its frequencies, its voltage absences, what protections are there, how it is modeled internally, among other technical aspects.

Pay attention to the requirements and avoid any setbacks

Since the responsibility for monitoring and protecting the power grid lies more with the operator, it requires very timely and complete information about the new project, but above all, it is very rigorous with compliance with the rules for connecting to the grid. So, in addition to verifying if the location you are looking at has an electrical infrastructure that supports the entry of the new load, it is also important to consider the project approval times.

Indeed, the process does not end with the filing of the study. If after submitting it, the operator finds that your project does not meet the requirements to connect, you must review and implement the requirements, develop a new study and submit it back for review; a reprocess that costs time and money.

You only gain time if you know what you are doing

The first step to gain time is to know when is the best time to carry out the study: from our experience we can assure you that it is in the planning stage, whether you are going to build a new facility, occupy another location or expand the production of your company.

The next thing you can do to avoid delays and extra expenses is to seek help from the first moment from professionals who master the legal, technical and operational aspects. At Enel X, for example, in these cases we have the Commissioning Study to diagnose and dimension projects through software and an expert team in analysis and projections, to evaluate such specific issues as financial assessment, the impacts of the works, connection modeling, impact assessment, among others.

With the Commissioning Study you are covered

In addition to ensuring that your project meets all the requirements to connect to the network, with the Commissioning Study you reduce the execution times and the chances of being refused by your operator because there is a “know how” and a solid trajectory that supports it.

The above, along with an accompaniment from beginning to end, will allow you a better decision making to materialize your project, because it ensures that each of the modifications and purchases made in order to perfect the design are smart and effectively shield the power grid and your business equipment.

Do your plans include a project of more than 1 MVa? Whether you are going to build a new facility, occupy another location or expand the production of your company, you already know that you can perform the Commissioning Study with Enel X.


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