We transform the energy of companies' backup plants into profitability

We created a business model that allows companies to take advantage of the energy availability of their backup plants to improve their profitability.

Published on 28 November 2019

We transform the energy of companies' backup plants into profitability

We are increasingly in the fight against climate change

The savings in the energy bill count, but what is most valuable is the contribution to environmental protection; The company will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 5,000 tons.

This achievement not only represents a great contribution to the fight against climate change, it also allows Comestibles Italo to access the tariff, tax and depreciation benefits contemplated in Law 1715. According to Goeggel, these incentives make projects like this one possible, which required an investment of 1,400 million pesos: “[The incentives] are essential [for the project] to be paid in less time. Without this, truth be said, the project would have taken a longer term and would have faced many risks for its implementation. By being able to apply [the incentives], we significantly reduced its time and increased its feasibility.”

It is possible to operate in harmony with our environment!

Currently, the amount of solar panels implemented by Comestibles Italo allows only part of its consumption to be replaced, but the company could further optimize its profitability by installing new solar panels that can supply the total energy demand. And if it were to generate surplus energy, the company could sell it to the National Interconnected System (SIN), as stipulated in CREG Resolution 030 of 2018, which allows users to produce and market solar energy.

“It is the possibility of generating new income with the consumption or generation assets that companies already have.”

Diego Tunarrosa. Enel-Codensa expert.

And if you are wondering what the requirements are, you should know that to participate in the Voluntary Disconnectable Demand Program it is essential to have meters that have remote measurement capability, that is, that comply with the CREG 038 standard, and have backup power generation capacity.


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