We made possible the solar energy project of a Colsubsidio hotel

The organization became the first compensation fund to enter the wave of photovoltaic energy, and they did so through the big door as they endowed one of their hotels with a striking solar farm.

Published on 3 December 2019

We made possible the solar energy project of a Colsubsidio hotel

“It is a source of satisfaction to continue with our model and being pioneers in implementing new technologies, which shows our absolute commitment to nature and to breaking certain paradigms for the development of this type of alternative energy projects, as we are a Compensation Fund. It also commits us even more to continue reviewing opportunities within our infrastructure and services for the use of these clean energies.

Carlos Arango. 

Director General de Colsubsidio

More companies are committed to operating in harmony with the environment


More and more companies are joining in the fight for the conservation of the environment. For example at Enel X we install 168 la panels located in our corporate building on 93rd Street, capable of generating 45 megawatts per year.

Another success story worth highlighting is Comestibles Italo, which, thanks to a joint effort with our company, now has the largest solar installation in Bogotá, with the capacity to generate 490 MWh per year. The goal of this project in particular is to replace 13% of the company's annual energy consumption, which will result in savings of 150 million pesos per year.

The advantage of being located in a privileged geographical area in terms of solar radiation, coupled with tax incentives and the possibility to commercialize solar energy surpluses, makes this the ideal time for Colombia's corporate sector to make the transition to solar energy.

If you are also interested in taking advantage of all the favorable conditions of our country to produce photovoltaic energy, at Enel X we can provide you with personalized advice and accompaniment from beginning to end.


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