We have the energy to provide unlimited fiber optic to Colombian companies

The volume of information is increasing exponentially; According to the report The Digitization of the World - presented by consulting firm IDC, by 2,025 the world’s data volume will reach 175 terabytes; that is 175 times higher than the information generated in 2011. From now on users -especially those that have very high information traffic-, are preparing their infrastructures so that in the coming years they can support any amount of data, guaranteeing the speed to distribute and process it.

Published on 10 December 2019

We have the energy to provide unlimited fiber optic to Colombian companies

through tiny lasers. They contain voice information, data and images, at transfer speeds much higher than the capacity of the traditional copper cable (which is susceptible to electromagnetic interference).

Surely the first approach you had to this information distribution channel was thanks to telecommunications companies, which in their eagerness to improve the speed of their services implemented and promoted the use of optical fiber. You should know that while these telecommunications companies improved the home internet and television service, they also expedited the distribution and processing processes of their most valuable strategic resource: information.

However, the fiber optic network access service for companies came with two conditions: sharing the same network with other users and having limited capacity to use the network.

Breaking fiber optic ties


By virtue of resolving the need of companies operating in two or more locations, to interconnect their different computer systems, servers, surveillance cameras, telephony, and others, we created an option to establish their links and channels through their own fiber optic network. An alternative that also frees them from experiencing slow data transmission rates during peak hours.

Having your own fiber optic network means more transmission security

Now our customers enjoy the benefits of having a network without limits of use, with the right to expand their bandwidth when they so require (without punishing their transmission capacity), with greater reliability to share computing resources and with the great advantage that instead of paying month by month for the rental of a fiber optic channel, they pay for their own.

Finally, at this point it should be noted that thanks to the quality of the materials we implemented and the team of professionals that support the work we have been able to strenghten out service-based relationships for over 20 years with banks, media, securities companies and universities, among others.

If you are also interested in implementing fiber optics in your company, do it with the help of an expert and Enel X.


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