The super profitability of electric cars

The electric car fleet is expanding faster and faster in Colombia. This growing trend helps reduce pollution and saves money at the same time.

Published on 28 November 2019

The super profitability of electric cars

“There is a very strong technological development, all technology companies are working to have greater autonomy and performance. In Colombia we have electric cars with autonomies between 80 kilometers and 400 kilometers, and the average user ride per day in the city is 40 kilometers, and that of a taxi is 250 kilometers. Electric cars can meet that need.”

Gonzalo Melo, professional expert in electric mobility at Enel-Codensa.

An uncomplicated solution


Although electric mobility has had a great boom in Colombia, especially in Bogotá, there is still a small uncertainty associated with the supply. So, in addition to the 54 recharging points that exist in the city, at Enel X we make available to all companies the possibility to buy or rent all the infrastructure and recharge equipment necessary for sustainable mobility. Also, we provide support and advice from beginning to end.


Finally, in addition to optimizing resources and minimizing costs, having electric vehicles is one of the most positive actions for the environment, and in the case of companies, it favors profitability as well as their image.


TCC, DHL, Urban Renovation and Development Company - ERU and the Ministry of Environment are some of the organizations that are committed to sustainable mobility, so, What are you waiting on to join the wave too?


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