Protect your business against accidents caused by short circuits

The consequences of an accident resulting from a short circuit can be catastrophic, to the point of causing human losses, ruining your company's reputation and incurring large expenses. But taking meticulous measures you can prevent and contain these electrical failures.

Published on 10 December 2019

Protect your business against accidents caused by short circuits

The first thing you should know is that a short circuit is one of the most dangerous electrical failures that can occur, since there is a sudden increase in the intensity of the electric current, which can cause a powerful explosion of your company’s electrical equipment, fires and even toxic gas fumes.

These damages can occur in a matter of milliseconds and can be the result of many causes; electrical defects that cause insulation failures in the installations, connector failures, inappropriate connections, high humidity, among others.

How to prevent a short circuit?

Nobody is really exempt from suffering a short circuit, however it is possible to prevent them. Just like with any other electrical risk, those risks associated with short circuits are also supervised by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, who through the Technical Regulations of Electrical Installations (RETIE), requests that users with a high demand for energy load, such as industrial ones, implement protectors in transformers, engines and supply cables.

The function of these protectors is to sense the current, and in the face of a sudden increase in intensity, they isolate the fault to prevent a short circuit and thus protect the integrity of people and facilities.

How effective are protectors in a risk situation?

You can make sure that the protectors will work correctly in the event that a fault appears by means of a Protection Coordination Study, which models the electrical installation and the fault current levels are projected. In this way the protectors’ action times are evaluated when it comes to preventing a short circuit.

But keep in mind that this is a study that should not only be implemented in the electrical design stage, it is also a requirement of the energy operator to allow connecting to the medium voltage network.

Likewise, it is also necessary to do it before conducting an Electric Arc Study, which according to the RETIE, is mandatory to carry out at least every five years or when major modifications are made, since the results of the arc analysis determine what the preventive measures should be and the protective equipment to be used by personnel handling the electrical elements of the installation to mitigate the risk of burns and electric shock.



Prevention makes a difference

Having a prevention and protection plan is essential to maintaining the integrity of your workers and your technological team, as well as to protect your finances. Therefore, keep in mind that the most economical option to deal with a crisis or an accident is through prevention and having a timely action plan.

In the same way, it is important to have a provider that offers a reliable service and that applies robust methods when conducting this study.


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