Have you already planned your business Christmas campaign?

Christmas is coming and with it the opportunity to generate brand awareness and boost your sales. We tell you what some recognized brands that have a presence in the capital do to take advantage of the most emotional season of the year, build customer loyalty and attract new prospects.

Published on 6 December 2019

Have you already planned your business Christmas campaign?

According to a survey carried out by Fenalco to investigate consumption intentions during the Christmas holiday season, 88% of the inhabitants of Bogotá plan to buy gifts during that season, while only 12% enjoy the holidays without buying anything. Likewise, the report identified that more than 90% of the surveyed people start buying their gifts more than 15 days in advance.

Let's face it, although Christmas is officially celebrated on the night of December 24th and 25th, in Colombia this season is so popular that many begin the celebrations just after Black Friday ends. The most enthusiastic even begin to decorate each corner with garlands and lights from the first holiday in November to announce that the holidays have arrived.

And it is precisely this emotional atmosphere that arises around Christmas that leads companies to multiply their efforts to enhance their engagement and optimize their sales, through emotional experiences to approach their customers and accompany them in the traditions and experiences they enjoy most to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.

So the million dollar question is: Have you thought about how you are going to take advantage of this season to build customer loyalty and attract new prospects?

Plan a successful Christmas strategy

There are hundreds of techniques that you can apply this season, but there is one in particular that can bring huge benefits: the Christmas Route in Bogotá, where large companies such as Davivienda, Coca Cola, Cruz Verde, Mapfre, Claro, among other recognized brands, see this as the perfect opportunity to connect with their customers and create brand awareness by offering a magical experience for the city’s inhabitants.

What drives these brands to participate in a social project to beautify the city's spaces?

Since the Christmas Route seeks to illuminate the main corridors, squares and parks of the city - for the enjoyment of the inhabitants and tourists -, participating brands can make use of these public spaces for approximately 40 days to make commercial presence through stands, trade shows and brand activations.

Pay attention to these data, because you will surely be interested to know that more than 35,000 people attend the opening event of the Route and it hosts more than 4,000,000 throughout the season. Additionally, the event gets significant media coverage thanks to its more than 10 years of history and its importance for Bogota citizens.

On the other hand, the deployment of digital and print media of each participating brand doubles the scope of the event. For example, at Enel-Codensa more than 2.5 million inserts are printed and included in the energy bill mentioning each sponsor. And being a project by the Mayor's Office of Bogotá for the enjoyment of the entire community, the costs for this marketing strategy are much lower, not to mention that the management proceedings before the control entities are easier and faster than if carried out outside the Christmas Route framework.

The Christmas spirit takes on the capital’s streets


Little is missing for the start of the great season and the inauguration of the Christmas Route. Of course, the development of the concept, coordinating so many participating brands, as well as organizing and landing every technical and logistic detail of an event of such scope takes time. And considering that companies have the freedom to choose the spots of the city in which they wish to be present, Christmas Route applicants are involved with the event since mid-year to book the spaces that respond best to their business goals.

Finally, if you want to be one of the protagonists of this event, it is worth noting that the more you plan in advance, the better the reaction capacity and the more time you will have to plan the design and programming of the activities to be carried out with your brand on the Route of Christmas, and avoid setbacks as you will have enough time to ensure that all production details of your activation are ready on time.

So, plan with as much time as possible all the different activities that you want to execute, in order to optimize the scope and effectiveness of your campaign... and let Christmas do its magic!

Apply for the Christmas Route now!


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