FEP part 2: Logistics and the challenges behind the lighting project

The inspiration of the creative coordinators and the support of a professional team have been key to taking the FEP concept to another level, and ensuring a memorable lighting experience for its attendees.

Published on 13 December 2019

FEP part 2: Logistics and the challenges behind the lighting project

Sergio Pabón, one of the creators of the Estereo Picnic Festival, told us how it became Colombia’s largest music event, attracting more than 90 thousand people from different parts of the world, after the first three versions left substantial losses for lacking an effective business strategy.

He emphasizes that the love for music and creativity have traced the road map of the event, and this is what has allowed them to overcome the mistakes and even led them to efficiently solve external threats such as rain or hail, two natural phenomena that although they cannot be controlled, they can be managed to ensure the comfort and safety of the attendees. In that sense, the FEP has developed a very robust synergy with Enel X to provide a solution to each challenge.

“Before, the ‘Parchaderos’, which are the areas allocated by the FEP for people to take a break and chat, only had a few stacks of hay to sit on. Now the concept has evolved to the point that they now serve as a rain location, and since it has a very attractive light decoration, it has become one of the favorite spots for taking photos and sharing them on social media.”

David Ávila, Technical Account Manager of Enel Colombia for the Estereo Picnic Festival.

In addition to the evolution of its musical proposal, the stages and spaces that make up the event have also undergone a fascinating transformation, where the light takes on more and more prominence, not only to create a memorable experience but to reinforce the logistical parameters of the event.

In the 2019 version, for example, the trees and lake shores of the Briceño 18 Golf Course (the current location) were illuminated to lead the crowd through all the event venues. Implementing these types of resources that evoke a warm feeling, instead of using the typical basic and cold fences, is what makes the difference according to the event organizers, who jealously guard every detail.

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Success lies in teamwork and organization

With the social media boom it has become essential for organizers to create attractive spaces that motivate attendees to share videos and photos of the event with their community, so they use many light resources to evoke an avant-garde atmosphere and facilitate good photographic shots.

But you know what they say: excellence is not improvised. The creative coordinators of the FEP and Enel X expert come together as early as January to begin to structure the conceptualization phase, and although it is true that from the beginning a specific concept and organization is established, adjustments are made to the lighting project hand in hand with the other logistics contractors of the show until the final product materializes, since the idea is to bring the capabilities to the limit to ensure the best possible experience.

A fact that few know is that much of the light elements used in the Estereo Picnic Festival are the same as the Christmas season.

“A large part of the assemblies we make for Christmas are made with a material we call “generic”, which is the basic raw material for lighting. We modify the shape, orientation and tones. Combinations like yellow and warm white, and red and Christmas green disappear, and we set up a color palette that represents the FEP. That is the advantage of lighting, it is very versatile.”

David Ávila, Technical Account Manager of Enel Colombia for the Estereo Picnic Festival.

The last big challenge: bringing the concept to life

In total it’s three weeks of work between remanufacturing and manufacturing of the light pieces, and another week for the installation.

“We are the last ones to enter the assembly. Although there is a lighting plan, it’s when we arrive at the location that we decide where things go, either because we discover on the field that the luminaries look better elsewhere, or because there is a last minute change in the distribution of a stage or structure. We have a huge responsibility, but we know that it is a very dynamic project and we have the response capacity that an event of such magnitude demands.”

David Ávila, Technical Account Manager of Enel Colombia for the Estereo Picnic Festival.

Thirty-four professionals take over the FEP lighting assembly; They all meet the same quality and safety standards as the crews that work in electrical networks. But the work does not end with the installation, during the FEP the team is divided into groups and work in shifts to provide support and maintenance, and thus ensure our responsiveness throughout the event.


We anticipate any error margin

Nothing is an excuse; neither the last minute changes nor the weather conditions nor the size of the crowd prevents us from carrying out a lighting project or guaranteeing the continuity of the lighting of events such as the Estereo Picnic Festival.

“The greatest lesson when working with projects such as the Estereo Picnic is that, by combining the efforts of a team that has a very engineering-based vision and that of a very creative team, amazing results are achieved.”

David Ávila, Technical Account Manager of Enel Colombia for the Estereo Picnic Festival.


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