Business energy management: Enel X’s good practices go around the world

The SGEf intelligent platform, available in Chile and Colombia since last April, is also offering centralised management of electricity bills and consumption with a personalised reporting service in Peru

Published on 7 January 2019

Business energy management: Enel X’s good practices go around the world

An innovative digital service for multi-site B2B (Business-to-Business) clients, tailor-designed to optimise consumption and provide personalised reports. Its name is SGEf (Servicio de Gestión Eficiente) and it is based on an innovative platform that is now also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Peru.  

A single platform that enables customers to manage their electricity bills, check consumption and costs, contain reactive energy levels and reduce the quantity of admin work. Customers also have a dedicated Freephone number to call and personal coordinator who is always contactable.

After its debut in Chile and Colombia, the service will launch on the Andean market, fresh from the success of the similar SGP (Servicio de Gestión Preferente) service in Spain. The focus will then be on reaching Argentina, Brazil and Romania by the end of July. SGEf is the first B2B service available in the “energy advisory” category in line with Enel X’s “Energy as a service” strategy.

An example of good practice, born from the synergic partnership between Enel X’s global e-Industries team in the various nations involved with the support of the Enel X Digital Lab, and ready to be exported all around the world. Because business today is only smart if it uses intelligent services that operate in line with the model of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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