Optical fiber

Optical fiber

Why is it important for your company to have fiber optic service?

Currently, one of the most useful tools that improves the quality of life of people and companies is optical fiber. Due to it, the telecommunications industry has grown exponentially thanks to the fact that the transmission of information is becoming more agile and reaches the far corners of the planet.

Connecting your business with the latest technology will not only allow you to be more efficient in sending data to other parts of the world without interference and delays, but, by amplifying your signal, the risks of interruptions will be minimal.

Based on this, at Enel X we place at your disposal the implementation of an effective communication service between your offices and branches, as well as a fast data transmission system that will allow you to reach more and more users.

Do you know our services offer for the implementation of fiber optic networks in your company?

  1.  We develop the design, supply and install your communication systems via optical fiber.
  2.  We facilitate the rental of the Enel X poles and ducts that are necessary for your networks.
  3.  We ensure efficiency and speed in the transmission of data, video and voice networks.
  4.  We develop secure transmissions, minimizing electromagnetic interference and maximizing spaces.
  5.  We offer security in dangerous areas and give advice on technical support and maintenance.

We are your ally in the development of optical fiber networks

Remember that, to request this service, you must meet the feasibility, contracting, offer request and infrastructure quantification requirements. Once the service is installed, it is important that you establish a maintenance routine (minimum once per semester).

Consult with an expert technician to make the respective revisions so you can identify any images damages that affect the proper functioning of your networks.

Do you know the advantages of working with Enel X?


Over 20 years offering energy solutions and accompanying Colombian companies in their growth and electric infrastructure projects.


First Public Services Company in Latin America certified in Oshas 1800, which supports the development of projects with the highest standards of occupational safety.

Quality and reliability in your works or projects.

  1.  We deliver RETIE and RETILAP certified projects, when applicable.
  2.  Financing options through your energy bill.
  3.  Full compliance with current regulations
  4.  Qualified staff

Reduce electrical risks in the operation of your installations and ensure the proper functioning of your equipment, schedule your personalized consultation by calling 6016000 option 1 in Bogotá or 01 8000 935946 countrywide

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