Modernization of installations

Modernization of installations

Do you know how you can avoid equipment failures in the long term and counteract energy leaks?

Normally, when companies start to grow, they need suitable, quality infrastructure to carry out successfully all the processes that are part of its daily tasks. Whenever your business modernizes or acquires new installations, it is not only implementing better operational practices to avoid long-term failures, but also mitigates possible energy leaks.

Under this premise, at Enel X, we offer you a range of services that not only increase your company's capital, but also enhance its performance. Therefore, we want to advise you on the design, construction and supervision of the electrical infrastructure projects that your business needs.

In addition, we supply the installation of equipment, complementary works and the correct energy supply of your installations.

Do you know the advantages of upgrading your electrical installations?

Make your dream come true to modernize or acquire new installations with us. Thanks to this, your company will be able to:

  1.  Use energy in a productive and efficient way and reduce unexpected expenses for repairs or failures.
  2.  Minimize unexpected expenses for repairs or failures and optimize the performance of machinery and equipment.
  3.  Be sure that the works will be carried out in compliance with technical and safety standards.
  4.  Secure the necessary charge for your new installations according to your operations and productivity requirements.
  5.  Avoid electrical losses and risks associated with obsolete installations.
  6.  Comply with current electrical regulations

Discover some of the advantages of working with us: 


Over 20 years offering energy solutions and accompanying Colombian companies in their growth and electric infrastructure projects.


First Public Services Company in Latin America certified in Oshas 1800, which supports the development of projects with the highest standards of occupational safety.


  • Quality and reliability in your works or projects.
  • We deliver RETIE and RETILAP certified projects, when applicable.
  • Financing options through your energy bill.
  • Full compliance with current regulations
  • Qualified staff

Modernize your electrical installations and infrastructure with us. Schedule your personalized consultation by calling 6016000 option 1 in Bogotá or 01 8000 935946 countrywide.

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