Grounding systems

Grounding systems

How to protect your installations from atmospheric discharges or unforeseen situations?

At present, electrical discharges can become one of the main causes of accidents that seriously affect the operation of a business. The electrocutions and the fires provoked by the deterioration or aging of the installations, not only affect the quality of the infrastructures, but also lead to new expenses to replace the damages caused.

Therefore we provide advice and support to help you face unexpected situations, such as atmospheric discharges, which may cause irreparable damage. At Enel X, we transform energy into solutions, that's why we assist you with the implementation of a screening system that will allow you to keep the infrastructure of the workplace intact, preserve the safety of your employees and, above all, safeguard the state of your equipment.

Do you know the benefits of implementing a shielding system for your business?

With our design and update of the grounding system, your company can:

  • Have a protection system against atmospheric discharges.
  • Protect your equipment against unexpected voltage surges.
  • Comply with the current RETIE and Network Operator regulations.

In addition, we facilitate the design and implementation of integral protection and grounding systems that also guarantee electromagnetic compatibility, which will allow the proper functioning of existing electrical equipment.

Do you know the advantages of working with Enel X?


Over 20 years offering energy solutions and accompanying Colombian companies in their growth and electric infrastructure projects.


First Public Services Company in Latin America certified in Oshas 1800, which endorses the development of projects with qualified personnel and high occupational safety standards.


Guarantees for your works and projects: quality, reliability, RETIE and RETILAP certification (if applicable), compliance with regulations and financing through your energy bill

Protect your infrastructure and avoid possible damages. Schedule your personalized consultation by calling 6016000 option 1 in Bogotá or 01 8000 935946 countrywide.

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