Global warming solutions

Global warming solutions

The climatic emergency requires an increasing use of renewable energy resources and in Enel X we have the best solutions to make this possible.

Melting of glaciers, coastal erosion, extreme phenomena such as drought, fires, floods and increased water. The impacts of human-induced global warming are becoming visible to all. Carbon dioxide emissions caused by pollution have caused the average temperature to reach almost 1 degree (° C) above pre-industrial levels. If measures are not taken quickly, we run the risk of a domino effect: the increase in average temperature would increase global energy demand and therefore the increase in consumption would increase the level of polluting emissions. This would amplify the weather emergency.


The keyword: Flexibility

Thanks to digitalization, in Enel X we can guarantee the energy system maximum flexibility. Both demand and supply, which supports a growing expansion of renewable energy. The integrated use of smart grids, smart meters, sensors and management systems such as the Utility Bill Management (UBM), makes it possible to provide for daily energy production even from unpredictable sources, such as solar. In addition, these systems allow estimating energy needs more easily, thus balancing demand and supply, and making the whole process more fluid.

Through our e-Industries commercial line we offer industrial and commercial clients on a large scale a range of flexible and integrated solutions for optimal energy management. These solutions not only offer the opportunity to save costs (for example, through our demand management system), but also to transform energy from cost to benefit by becoming active players in the energy market.