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Processing utility bills can be resource-intensive and can result in costly late fees. Harnessing the valuable data on energy consumption and cost drivers can be challenging for a large number of bills across different suppliers and regions. Resolving inaccurate charges can be difficult and can cost your organisation more money the longer they go unnoticed. Enel X provides a comprehensive utility bill management solution designed to process your bills on time, eliminate inaccurate charges, and provide easy access to the data you need for internal and external reporting.

How does it work?

Our solution ensures bills are streamlined, processed and aligned to customer systems through customised accounts payable files, on time avoiding late fees.


Centralise and remove the burden of collating, validating and processing bills from your team and avoid the risk of human error in the process.
We audit all utility bills to identify inaccurate charges and will negotiate with suppliers on your behalf to obtain reimbursement and remove the errors from future bills.

We make it easy to access the data you need to report on portfolio-wide cost drivers and sustainability performance. We help customers to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and usage to meet renewable energy goals and report on National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER), other market-based governmental, or voluntary emission reporting.
How does Enel X Work
Working with Enel X
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Enel X provided our bank a global UBM service, which supported ISO 14064 certification, energy performance and benchmarking, utility bill auditing, and have solved numerous data collection requirements.

Global Head of Energy and Sustainability

Deutsche Bank

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Why Enel X?

Sustainability outcomes

We help businesses achieve their sustainability and decarbonization targets. We make it simple to communicate your commitment to those goals with easy access to data for reporting.

Increased visibility

With our cutting-edge solutions we help businesses gain insight into their energy usage and costs, identifying savings potential.

Reduce risk and costs

We provide businesses with solutions to reduce energy risks and costs, streamlining financial, organizational and energy-related processes and reporting.  

Customer centricity

Our unparalleled energy industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology allows us to ensure our customers have the best possible experience.

Data insight and compliance

We manage clients’ data and make it easily accessible for reporting purposes, while always ensuring regulatory compliance.
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