Supporting Australia’s Renewable Energy Transformation

As we build more wind and solar power each year, the retirement of many of our largest coal-fired power stations is on the horizon. To make this transition work, we need to build new forms of power capacity that ensure the reliability of the power grid while balancing the natural variability of renewables. We help businesses unlock the power of flexible demand, battery storage, power generation and electric mobility resources to support the grid and firm the supply of renewable power.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and Flexible Demand

Within our rapid energy transition, flexible demand must play a critical role in balancing variable renewable power generation. A VPP is a collection of distributed energy assets - batteries, generators and equipment - that are aggregated to support the grid with dispatchable capacity. Our VPP aggregates commercial & industrial energy users flexible demand and offers it to the energy markets to keep the electricity system reliable and secure, while paying energy users for their participation. Because it leverages the intelligent use of existing assets, widespread use will avoid the need for billions of dollars in new energy infrastructure spending in the coming decades.

Enel X VPP
Solar + storage

Distributed Energy Resources

Companies are increasingly turning towards alternative energy sources to meet a variety of needs: to reduce emissions, improve sustainability, manage risk, save money, increase efficiency and power reliability, generate power off-grid, and reduce energy spend. We are supporting Australian businesses to decarbonise their energy consumption with distributed energy resources such as onsite battery storage and solar PV systems. By pairing these technologies and integrating them with our VPP, businesses are seeing far greater economic and sustainability benefits.

Corporate Mobility

As Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption grows in Australia, businesses require smart infrastructure to match. We provide the smart infrastructure and software solutions to power fleets and employees. This is providing businesses a rare win-win opportunity: enhancing ESG credentials while driving down operational costs. Enel X is the only partner that can provide the complete electrification solution of EV charging, distributed energy resources, renewable electricity supply and Virtual Power Plant integration, to achieve your electric mobility goals at the lowest cost.

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