Take control of your energy costs

We help businesses improve electricity purchasing to mitigate risk, reduce cost, and increase sustainability. How businesses buy energy should account for today’s increasing price volatility, emerging opportunities from renewables, and significant regulatory changes. We have the local expertise, access to global resources, and advanced technologies to implement and optimise an energy supply strategy tailored to your risk profile and financial priorities.

Our Energy Advisory Services

We work with your team to translate business objectives into a cohesive go-to-market strategy. Together we evaluate how your goals around cost minimisation, budget certainty, sustainability, and risk mitigation fit into your existing energy supply management practices and planning horizons. We investigate supply and hedging options and evaluate suppliers to make strategic recommendations.

With changing market conditions and significant price volatility, a growing number of businesses are purchasing their electricity progressively to lower their long-term costs and reduce price risk exposure. Take advantage of lower energy prices in the market as they arise, avoid renewing a contract when pricing is high, spread the risk of purchasing your electricity at one time and adjust exposure to the market.

Our full-service offering includes product selection, risk management governance, position reporting, and market monitoring and purchasing recommendations. For businesses that are comfortable with the progressive mechanism and have robust risk policies in place, our Risk Management Platform is more suitable.

Our real-time risk management platform supports energy users who purchase electricity progressively. It offers greater budget certainty, better visibility into the market, and tools for dynamic decision making. You can access the platform under flexible pricing that can cost a fraction of traditional consulting fees.

Use the platform as a ‘live budgeting tool’ where you can check Futures prices, your current purchasing position, and the budgetary risk and market exposure associated with your load that hasn’t been locked in yet.  Built around the proven ‘Value at Risk’ framework, you can easily quantify and visualise exposure, and then make swift decisions as markets and pricing move. With this data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions more efficiently and cost effectively.

We help you competitively source energy on the best terms. The price you pay for energy is not solely determined by your organisation’s annual usage. Different factors like time of use, agreed capacity, credit, geography, number of meters, and market exposure all interplay to determine your price. We manage the sourcing process to find you the best energy contract. We analyse and validate supplier bids, provide recommendations, and aid in contract negotiations.
Energy purchasing

The Enel X difference

We guide you through the complex energy markets and energy purchasing options, leveraging our team of energy and finance experts, and sophisticated technology.

Why Enel X?

Sustainability outcomes

We help businesses achieve their sustainability and decarbonisation targets. We make it simple to communicate your commitment to those goals with easy access to data for reporting.

Increased visibility

With our cutting-edge solutions we help businesses gain insight into their energy usage and costs, identifying savings potential.

Reduce risk and costs

We provide businesses with solutions to reduce energy risks and costs, streamlining financial, organisational and energy-related processes and reporting.  

Customer centricity

Our unparalleled energy industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology allows us to ensure our customers have the best possible experience.

Data insight and compliance

We manage clients’ data and make it easily accessible for reporting purposes, while always ensuring regulatory compliance.
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