Transforming public transport routes and buses

Enel X is accelerating the transition to electric mobility, which has a key role to play in making our cities more sustainable. With our experience and significant investment in electric mobility, we are offering green transport solutions to government and public transport operators, with electric bus (e-Bus) services in Australia.

What do we offer?

End-to-end service offering

We go beyond replacing carbon emitting diesel buses with electric ones. Our e-Bus offering fuses our capability and know-how from service planning, to infrastructure installation including batteries and charging stations, electricity supply, maintenance, and consumption optimisation.


Enel X can help you choose the ideal vehicle fleet partner to electrify your public transport route. With our in depth feasibility and cost/benefit analysis, we can propose several financing options for the supply of vehicles, batteries and maintenance services. 

Charging infrastructure

We partner with you to design, install, maintain and manage electro-terminals for e-Bus charging. Data and insights on user habits, local traffic and weather help us design efficient infrastructure with our smart charging software. We can also source a sustainable renewable electricity supply.

Virtual Power Plant integration

e-Bus fleets and charging stations can integrate with our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Demand Response (DR) programs. This means the infrastructure can be used to support the electricity grid, and to earn revenue from the energy markets.

Smart mobility services

Smart bus stops and shelters are designed to transform the public transport experience. They can have LED lighting, bicycle parking, digital screens for targeted commination, and USB and wifi chargers integrated as part of the infrastructure.   
eBus depot