Energy Purchasing Services

Energy Purchasing Services

Take a strategic approach to energy purchasing to achieve lower costs

Enel X experts help to simplify the complex energy purchasing process. We ensure your organisation gains a competitive edge through strategic energy decisions, with a focus on lower long-term electricity costs and price risk exposure.

With over $2 billion and 1000+ GWh of electricity supply under management globally, we have the expertise and experience to manage procurement activities of any scale and complexity across all industries.

Our services

Energy strategy

We work with your team to translate business objectives into a cohesive go-to-market strategy. Together we evaluate how your goals around cost minimisation, budget certainty, sustainability, and risk mitigation fit into your existing energy supply management practices and planning horizons. We investigate supply and hedging options and evaluate suppliers to make strategic recommendations.


Progressive purchasing management

With changing market conditions and significant price volatility, a growing number of businesses are purchasing their electricity progressively to lower their long-term costs and reduce price risk exposure. Learn more about our progressive purchasing offering here.

For those already purchasing electricity progressively, our real-time risk management platform adds rigour to your approach with the tools and resources to make robust purchasing decisions. It provides greater budget certainty, better visibility into the market and tools for dynamic decision making.  Learn more about our risk management platform here.


Energy contracting and tendering 

We help you competitively source energy on the best terms. The price you pay for energy is not solely determined by your organisation’s annual usage. Different factors like time of use, agreed capacity, credit, geography, number of meters, and market exposure all interplay to determine your price. We manage the sourcing process to find you the best energy contract. We analyse and validate supplier bids, provide recommendations, and aid in contract negotiations.



Why Enel X

Breadth of financial expertise

We hold an Australian Financial Services License, giving us accreditation to provide advice on financial products

Track daily market movement

We offer a strong governance framework to inform when and why customers should act

Sophisticated reporting software

Identifies current energy requirements and future costs based on live market information

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