Discover our market leading real-time risk management platform

Discover our market leading real-time risk management platform

Achieve better progressive purchasing outcomes at a lower cost


A growing number of businesses are purchasing their electricity progressively to reduce their long-term energy costs. We’ve been advising businesses on how to use this approach since 2015, and our team currently supports more than 1000+ GWh per year in progressive purchasing transactions.

We believe that traditional tools and consulting models for progressive purchasing are stuck in the past.  So we built a real-time risk management platform that fundamentally changes the game, offering greater budget certainty, better visibility into the market, and online tools for dynamic decision making.  

Take charge of your energy costs by viewing your energy position, real-time market data and your transaction history.  We offer access to this platform under flexible pricing models that can cost a fraction of what you’ll pay to a traditional advisory consultant.   

Key platform features

Our real-time risk management platform can be used as a ‘live budgeting tool’,  you can check Futures prices, your current purchasing position, and the budgetary risk and market exposure associated with the load that hasn’t yet been locked in, at any time.  

Our platform is built to help you manage risk.  To do so, we have built the platform around the proven ‘value at risk’ framework.  This framework allows you to quantify and visualise exposure easily, and then make decisions swiftly as markets and pricing moves around you.

With this data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions more efficiently and cost effectively. 



Advanced risk management functionality

Our platform leverages market leading Value at Risk (VaR) methodology based on daily futures pricing information so you can confidently optimise, visualise and manage your future energy spend.





A new benchmark in reporting

Access intuitive and customisable real-time reporting to inform and action your purchasing decisions.

You can track your energy purchasing activity, current position, market data, exposure and distance from your predetermined risk thresholds. You can also schedule reports to be sent to yourself and other stakeholders.



Maximise market opportunities in real time

Automated price triggers ensure you don’t miss opportunities as they arise, helping to maintain budget certainty and meet business objectives.





Our flexible service models

We recognise that every business has different needs. With this in mind, we offer two service models to support you with your progressive purchasing. 

Platform subscription

This is for businesses that are comfortable with the progressive mechanism and have robust risk policies in place.  The platform takes all the heavy lifting away, from calculating live day to day position of the portfolio, to alerts when bespoke limits or market movements occur. 

Our platform provides all the reporting needs, including the expected commodity spend down to the dollar, as well as performance charts showing your purchases/lock ins.  Customisable automated trigger alerts will inform you of specific changing market conditions.

Full service

This is for businesses that require more support than just having access to our platform.  With this level of service, you receive all elements of the platform subscription, plus the added support of our Advisory Services team.  The team will provide the following:

  • Development (or review existing) risk management framework
  • Development (or review existing) trigger strategy
  • Liaising with your supplier to transact the buys/lock ins (once approval has been given)
  • Monthly meetings to discuss market and ongoing buying strategy
Service models Platform subscription Full service
Setup and user overview
Live reporting
Automated trigger alerts
Downloadable PDF reports
Development of Risk Management Framework -
Development of Trigger Strategy -
Transacting on your behalf -
Monthly meetings
Platform licenses 3 6

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