For Bussiness

Solve the need for your company is our biggest source of energy. Increase your productivity, reduce your costs and much more with our energy solutions.

Energy Management System

We provide turnkey projects tailored to the needs of each individual customer with the aim of increasing energy use efficiency.

Utility Bill Management

Our service of utilities billing management (UBM) allows the user to manage and administer for electricity, gas, water and other utilities bills from a single place.

Efficient Lighting

Our Efficient Lighting service provides our customers with all kind of solutions, including public lighting solutions (lampposts, lamps, etc.), as well as artistic. Always industry-oriented.

Energy Infrastructure

Focusing on our customers we are committed to offer the highest quality solutions, supported by expert staff, for pipelines and polyducts projects, Medium and Low voltage, splices, transformers, among others.


Read all the stories of Enel X and discover how the world can become ever more smart and sustainable.


Enel and the Chocolate Factory

A Bogota candy factory produces electricity thanks to a photovoltaic plant installed by Enel on the roof of the industrial warehouse, the largest of our Group in Colombia.


The possible utopia of intelligent mobility

The English writer George Orwell satirized saying that the utopia for those who have tooth pain, is a world where that pain does not exist.


Electric cars circulate overlooking the sea on the island of Mallorca

Electric cars circulate overlooking the sea on the island of Mallorca.

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